Almost every ShoeMart Mall in the Philippines when you go to the food courts, you will see long queues of people wanting to be served with hot plate dishes. Yes the food is great, they sell sisig and chops better than hotcakes. But what really sells out is that your food if sizzling hot! This is how we can describe Boracay today.

The island of Boracay is spectacularly famous for its distinct powdery white sand shores, incredible crystal blue waters and famous beach parties. Voted many times as one of the best or the best island beach in the world by top international review magazines.

Our marketing manager used to sell this island for exclusive resort memberships everyday for months, around 2 decades ago. Even at that time, Boracay was already selling at its peak for island vacation memberships. People who needed seclusion on their vacations wanted Boracay as their private island getaway. Well almost everyone wanted that need. Now, getting secluded got populated over the years. Hotels, bars, restaurants, tattoo shops, golf coarse, more hotels, more restaurants and more establishments just came popping out from all the parts of these 10sq. kilometer island – considered as a small island based on its geo size. This year it was closed for ecological reasons and the island needed to rest for a time to heal.

Thanks to dustinpratt uploading this video – we had to search deep on youtube to find a vlog to back up our story. We couldn’t find our photos or vid in CDs to find one.

We also had to bring down this post to follow tourism regulations to help out in a way while Boracay was in its restorations stage. Well it’s time to plan out your next vacation again and head on to check the best airline rates and hotel discounts to the island of Boracay. Its beach line coasts are pristine once again – thanks to President Duterte, DENR, and the locals of Boracay. Before, this island destination had enormous visitors ranging from 5 digit hundreds a day, now to a less of 4 digits as the other restorations projects are still on progress.

Boracay remains to sizzle your vacation getaways and it will let you discover why it will still be the best island in the world. Make a heartfelt and worthwhile trip by checking on our complete package deals or go by DIY with this best deal rates.


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