Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila… simply there is no place like Manila.

You’ll be coming back home to Manila!

Every major city in the world boasts a lot of major tourist destinations and the metro of Manila will surely never loose out. A lot of landmarks are built every year and some of old ones do still exist up to this date.

Maybe you’ve grown up somewhere, where life was easy or things was just quiet enough to write a lot of things in silence. No no, when your in Manila – things goes around in an unique oddly different way. There are just so much to do, to see and to experience –  its actually one of the oldest city in South East Asia. Dating back 1,118 years ago or since  900 AD when it was called the Rajahnate of Maynila – this city has gone a long long way  to keep loads of history, culture and its continuous progress in its books.

Here are our top 10 target destinations when you visit Metro Manila:

  1. “Luneta” or Rizal Park

– its where you will find KM 0; where all the starting point of all distances in the Philippines is measured. Its a place where you can feel and appreciate great breeze of air together with glimpse of Philippine history in one large urban park.


  1. Fort Santiago

– feel and be wandered walking or riding a Kalesawhilst discovering 16th century preserved walls of a city that is inside a city. Its a tour through history pages of Manila at its best.


  1. Binondo

– its the place where to find the authentic “siopao” (steamed bun) and “siomai” (dim sum) taste, as this district is the world’s oldest China town. Savor into many restaurants and find great finds for Chinese products such as traditional medicine, herbs and sweets.


  1. Mall of Asia

– almost every country nowadays has a big mall near the marina area of the city… and its counter part in Manila is MOA! Its a center for shopping, night life, short family outing and its one stop place covering all shoppers from A-D. Surrounding the mall are housing for long stays, commercial buildings of business and trade, and a arena for sports and events – so you will never miss every bit of the fun going on.


Whilst your in the area and wanting for Fresh Seafood cuisines, you may want to stop by Dampajust a kilometer away in Macapagal avenue. Enjoy with the whole family or “barkada” for sumptuous meals at great prices.


  1. Art in Island 3D Museum in Cubao

– A great selfie is in 3D! This museum is one for your best bet for fun and learning activity for the kids and old alike.


  1. Mckinley Hill in Taguig

– modern and sophisticated are the words to describe the the ever growing district of Bonifacio Global City. High end shopping and urban living at its best in the metro of Manila.


  1. Manila Ocean Park and Yexel Toy Museum

– work without play may cause your brain to deficiencies; good thing there are nearby attractions for you and for the kids to get you lighten down. No need to go to Hongkong or Singapore for this kind of attractions: as we have an Ocean Park for marine discoveries and a Yexel Toy museum for life size fantasies out from your favorite super hero cartoons. Its where kids and kid-like adults get to have same fun all over again.


  1. Quezon Memorial Circle

– there was a time in Philippine history that Quezon City became the center of the Philippines when Manila was being rebuilt after the WW2. Inside the circle is the large shrine, museums, and recreational space for garden and events that you don’t want to miss when your in the metro.


  1. Business district of Makati

– by far, the business district of Makati remains consistent to be the center of trade and commerce, not only in Manila but for the country. It was the pioneer city for new growth and development back in the 60’s and remains to lead the way in creating green cities; like the Greenbelt Makati and Ayala Triangle Gardens which are very attractive for business travel meetings and shopping on the side.


  1. Alabang Commercial Area

– Once a farm field is now a field of business areas working day and night. If your staying near Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, and further south – these district is your short modern sight seeing area and urban lifestyle center.


Honorable mention would be the EDSA Ortigas district… where one of the first ever super mall in Asia was built and continuously grows more square meters in space to adapt to the growing needs of Filipino shoppers – the SM Megamall. This district will give you the advantage of actually being in the middle of Metro Manila. Go South or North – you would likely be passing by this area.


Now, a lot of people may say: traffic is worst, too populated, and pollution is getting critical and yet, many continuously lives in the city where access to just about everything you will need and will want are just a jeep stop away! Mind you, currently a government project for the modernization of the jeepneys to go electric is underway… so whilst this bad, angry, colorful, and unique jeepneys are still here, better ride and experience a holiday uniquely that of only in Metro Manila!

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