Mt. Mayon Triathlon Race on August 18, 2019!

Its that time of the year again for Triathlon sports! And no better way to cheer for your favourite athletes and team competing at the 2019 ASTC Mt Mayon Triathlon Asian Cup happening on August 18, 2019 in Legazpi City!

See the excitement and get motivated with the sports of triathlon at the most scenic spot known in the province of Bicol. Your going to love the picturesque landscapes and the breathe of fun supporting the sports of swim, bike and run.

Its a few weeks from now and you can get best deals on hotels on this live charts giving you options and choices for your travel to Legazpi City. Flights between Manila and Legazpi usually take around 55 minutes to an hour. Airlines also connect Legazpi to Cebu, which is only an hour away via plane. Click to home page to get the best airline tickets.

If your planning to go on road and want a great place to stay; here’s a chart of Legazpi City with best deals for your easy find to the next comfortable stay in Bicol. For your comfy stay – check in from August 17 to 19 or more days to have a great vacation event experience in Legazpi City. You can go directly with links and book for 2 or more, for larger groups message us for better rates!


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To get a preview of whats happening and what you might expect – this was last 2018, and there is just more in Legazpi City and 2019 ASTC Mt Mayon Triathlon Asian Cup to see it for yourself! See more details at

Get more when you travel by groups! No better way to have Fans Club altogether for the solid cheers! Drop us a message or email us at