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Barilla Travel and Tours opened last October 2014, with great motivations in promoting Philippine destinations to the world.

As the world evolves, the same goes for our company logo. We’ve made it simple yet the message gets it expressed how much we do our business in providing you better travel service experience.

We started in helping fellow OFWs find the best rates for airline tickets,package tours, and finding ways to have that unique Philippine travel experience they have been missing or have never had before.

We mainly promote the Philippines to the world by capturing the eyes of other citizens to see the best of Philippine travel has to offer.We also captured the international destinations on your request – giving you endless travel service.

Registered last September 22, 2014 through the Department of Trade and Industry.
We operate in the  City of Taguig with address: Unit 211 Bldg 18 Centennial Village, Western Bicutan. Just 10 minutes aways from NAIA.

We also respect the payment of taxes as dully required as a legally operating business.
With OCN 9RC0000427000 with type 6351.Business permit LCN 11-016803.



Yazmin Joy Barilla (General Manager)

Because we love to travel around our own country! And with this in mind, we had pin pointed how should our travel services will work for our customers and travel partners:

• Well blended getaway packages for that  “Unique Philippine travel experience”.

As a former OFW, to get you safely and happy returning back to your home.

Take a good lead in promoting the many and different  Philippine Travel destinations to the world.

We do this with integrity and with strict compliance to better customer service and committed balanced operations.

Frederick Rainier Barilla
Frederick Rainier Barilla (Marketing Manager)

Our market positioning is not just about the price – its more than putting up a banner and tell you that we are at the lowest possible deal. We always consider your getaway as an important travel investment of your life.

We provide and create your travel experiences blended with new perspective to learn from, wherein you meet people, promotes health giving and rejuvenating benefits, sure fire adventures, and activities that promotes time for the family.

You maybe; seeking for love and romance, or just finding a great business trip excuse or completing a bucket list of destinations.

We treat your Philippine travel investments with wholeheartedness.


Barilla Travel 2017

Actively and constantly enhancing our services to provide our new and existing customers better travel experiences from start to photo unforgettable and happy memories. Know about us in our blog stories and how much we think and create your much awaited discoveries.


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We always work with best partners and get affiliated with top notched companies to be better in handling your travel investments. We are aiming to be the best travel agency in Manila that will provide best travel resource products for all types of travel needs.

Be it a single product used for your Do-It-Yourself initiatives or to a more complex combined package for larger group travel and tour plans. These are just a few names that builds wondrous options for you, how you would be able to get better deals.