OFW Airline Ticket Tipid Info

There are around 2.5 million OFWs around the globe and are very excited to go home for the holidays. After a year or two of hard work, it’s time to spend time for family. Many of our spouse, sons, daughters and parents would love to be around when reunions are happening. To be there when … More OFW Airline Ticket Tipid Info

Isla Gigantes Island Getaway Package

Ready your travel island bucket list for your next travel to Iloilo! The Visayas has a lot of islands to explore and culminates why the Philippines has 7,641 of them! They say Isla Gigantes is somehow a baby Boracay because of its almost similar white sand beaches and crystal blue waters – only that this … More Isla Gigantes Island Getaway Package

Honda Bay Tour

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Location: Puerto Princesa, Palawan Tour Duration: 1 Day Overview: Explore the great experience of snorkelling with rich marine life in LuLi island, Cowrie and Starfish Island less an hour away from the capital of Puerto Princesa. Just approximately 30 minutes drive you will find yourself on vacation islands of your dreams. Take a swim … More Honda Bay Tour


Easily plan your next travel with us by checking on our live and responsive charts of domestic and international flights with leading airline carriers to your destination. To Batanes: [tp_in_our_city_fly_shortcodes destination=BSO title=”” limit=10 paginate=false stops=0 one_way=false subid=”” currency=”PHP”] To Boracay: [tp_cheapest_tickets_each_month_shortcodes origin=MNL destination=KLO title=”” paginate=false subid=”” currency=”PHP”] To Puerto Princesa: [tp_cheapest_tickets_each_month_shortcodes origin=MNL destination=PPS title=”” paginate=false … More FLIGHT DEALS