Bicol Surf Jam

Surfing at its Best in Bicol!

The success of ‘Bicol Surf Jam which was held in 3 destinations was a success! Earning the right as “king of the waves” was Onyo Oclares, awarded with our special prize for the event.

Surfer Bicol Surf Jam

We had extreme fun watching these guys go on head to head with the perfect waves and seeing the sights and sand of Daet, Sorsogon and Catanduanes. Along the way, we learned a few tricks on the surf board and balancing your body to the urge of indefinite expectation from the waves.

This is only the beginning of great things that are about to come to… as we support the surfing enthusiasts and surfer wannabe/s. Its a step forward to show the whole world how the Philippines could be the next surfing capital in Asia and in the world.

We urge more expectators to come and visit Bagasbas, Daet.

You get to learn how to surf with the guys, get a good tan, experience a different stellar view at night and most especially take on the hottest “Bicol Express” in the province.

Gubat, Sorsogon was majestic and nature field. More than ever, the highlights of the competition was solidarity amongst surfers in the competition. This exerts in great sharing of the sports. As a guest, you’d feel the their brothers in the sport. Each flip of the board was a life changer – not just seeing it but the challenge it brings.

The last leg in Catanduanes was like the Olympics! All packed with excitement as if it was the World Cup. Travel and sports is just the best match – its Manchester United fan and the player team thing. Night life is not so gay without a story to tell after the finals day.

We’d like you to join us next year for the next event fully packed with all the “Travelicious” (as they say it) fun being with these event. Proud and very happy to have been one of the contributing sponsors on the 1st ever Bicol Surf Jam last 2015.


We take pride with our Filipino sports talents…
Congratulations to Onyo Oclares from Daet, Camarines Norte.

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