Isla Gigantes Island Getaway Package

Ready your travel island bucket list for your next travel to Iloilo! The Visayas has a lot of islands to explore and culminates why the Philippines has 7,641 of them! They say Isla Gigantes is somehow a baby Boracay because of its almost similar white sand beaches and crystal blue waters – only that this … More Isla Gigantes Island Getaway Package

Stay Calm Stay at Tagaytay

Most of the time, you just want to go and getaway from the busy life from the metro of Manila. You just like to clean up a little of those mess where you got stuck in and just want to breath fresh cold air from mists of early morning air from the forests. It’s time … More Stay Calm Stay at Tagaytay

Bali Indonesia Vacation “ALL IN” Tour

Have you been working late for the past months? Well, here is a stress breaker for the hard workers like you! Bali has been one of favourite destination for locals and international tourists young and old. Full of magnificent beaches, breathtaking scenery, marvellous trinkets and awe inspiring culture. This destination is ideal for people wanting … More Bali Indonesia Vacation “ALL IN” Tour

Scuba Diving Learning Getaway

Earn your PADI C-Card on a learning activity experience for 2 days. It is the best budget deal to go deep seas. We will pick you up from Makati and bring you to the Summer Cruise & Diving in Batangas. Its 2 days of excitement, seas and salt. Accommodation, transfers, meals and complete scuba gear … More Scuba Diving Learning Getaway

Cebu Vacation Delight 4 Days 3 Nights

Join the many special people who enjoys the comfy relaxation of vacation resorts and head out to  Cebu. The city has dazzling and endless array of pleasant things to offer for foreign travellers and frequent “Juanderers”. This is for you to experience Cebu at its finest beside from visiting the city of its best “lechon”(roasted pig), … More Cebu Vacation Delight 4 Days 3 Nights